Cecilia and Roberto, Scranton PA Wedding Photography


On September 3rd, Cecilia and Roberto tied the knot just outside Scranton, PA! They’re pretty much the sweetest couple on earth. No, really–both toasters talked about how Roberto is so sweet, it’s hard to actually take him seriously at first. And if you only spend two minutes talking to Cecilia, you’ll see why they’re so perfect together! On top of being an amazingly easy couple to work with, the weather was stunningly beautiful. And Cecilia and Roberto were set to match!  They chose a rustic farm setting at the Barn at Glistening Pond. The ceremony, light-hearted and filled with a lot of smiles and laughter, sat under a few trees right beside the beautiful pond. The reception followed in the big old barn. These families brought their dancing shoes–and Dominicans definitely know how to laugh and celebrate! It was an amazing day and night! Congratulations to Cecilia and Roberto!!! Oh, and just a couple things to make sure you check out: 1) We literally took a kitten break. Yes, a kitten break. And 2) There was a showdown with a T-Rex, but thankfully this wedding party came prepared.

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