Christina and Chris, Lehigh Valley Engagement Photography

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I swear, every single wedding and engagement photography session I’ve done lately has been threatened by a looming forecast. But we decided to proceed and give it a shot (unintended pun there), and boy am I glad we did! It turned out to be a beautiful engagement shoot at Lock Ridge Park with Christina and Chris. In the very first conversation that this awesome couple struck up, Christina told Chris how she really loved white water kayaking. Chris immediately took up an interest in this previously unknown world to him…I wonder why, hehe! A few months later both he and Christina were working together as white water guides down the Lehigh River, and well, here we are now! Engaged and wedding planning for April of 2017! They asked me if I would be able to get any fun shots at the end of the shoot with their play boats in the water, and that was pretty much a “hell yeah!” on my end!! Check out this amazing shoot.


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