Heather and Josh, Bethlehem PA Engagement Photography


Heather, Josh and I met up for some coffee at Saxby’s right at the base of Lehigh University’s campus. It is always an incredible treat to get to photograph friends! We actually started off with a quick introduction to Essential Oils as Heather has become an EO master and I have been eagerly wanting to learn about them! I dabbed probably 15 different oils on various parts of my hand/wrist/arms, and quickly became a walking aromatherapy shop.

We started shooting around Lehigh and finished off at Burnside plantation. We included their pup Obie at the end and it was great seeing the cute little guy again! My dogs, Atlas and Blaze, were very sad to miss him. What a cutie! It was a magical shoot and this is a beautiful couple–I’ll stop talking and let the photos speak for themselves!

img_8767 img_8775 img_8815 img_8828

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