Well, hello there!

If you made it this far, it's time you met the real me...

Who's the real me? A huge photography enthusiast who can't be happy through the day unless he's taken some pictures...and shared them. This means that, unfortunately, my Facebook friends and Instagram followers are all too familiar with my pets. They are my everyday subjects! Those cute Caturday naps, and the faces the pup makes...priceless.

So now you get to be a part of this inner circle as I torture you with cute animal photos. Clockwise, from the top right: Mr. Piepers (the grump), Vinnie (the chatterbox), Gretel (the diva), and Atlas (the goofball). This cast of characters sure does make home life a lot more loving and full of entertainment.

Speaking in all seriousness, though, photography is a consuming passion of mine. Whether it's photographing my everyday life, my mom's garden, or a beautiful couple who happened to hit the love jackpot, I take so much pleasure in documenting all the simple beauty that life puts before me.

The awesome thing about doing something you love is that it's so fun to learn and grow along the way. I'm always picking up new editing techniques, different lighting approaches, thinking of ideas for unusual compositions... Every picture I put out there is a product of years of passion and experience and I truly hope that the quality of my images matches the love that is poured into them!

Aside from taking pictures every day, I love to play and write music (piano/guitar/voice). Cooking is always a fun experiment, but I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be! Rock climbing (a brand new love of mine starting in 2015) and aikido keep me active through the week. When we get the opportunity, my partner, John, and I love to travel--and that of course mixes superbly with photography!

I think that is enough rambling from me. I would love to hear from you! If you've enjoyed my photography and would like to work together, you can head over to my pricing page or fill out some contact info to give me some more details!